A functionality designed to make organizing everyday life easy. Materials, colors and proportions carefully chosen to stand the test of time. The new collection from Voice is made to be the fundamentals of the modern home.

In fashion, the concept of basics has an appeal that outlasts every trend. They are the essentials of any wardrobe, easy to combine and accessorize for a personal look, sturdy enough for everyday use and with an understated aesthetic that stands the test of time. It’s easy to see why Mattias Stenberg, designer at Voice, chose them to explain the dna of the brand.
”The designs from Voice are made to last, both functionally and aesthetically. They are companions in for the long run”, he says.

The core of the Voice collection is organizing for the contemporary home. It’s a series of highly functional, understated designs with great attention to material, detail and color, created by acclaimed designers Nina Jobs, Cate&Nelson and Mattias Stenberg.

The idea of accessible and long-lasting design with the user in focus relates to the strong tradition of functionalism in Swedish design history. Today, Voice is developing a new standard of timeless functionality.
”It’s about restrained forms with detailing at a very high level. To create design that’s understated but not austere means you have to take great care with proportions, colors and tactility. The visual expression of the Voice collection is low-key, but the user experience is warm and inviting”, Mattias Stenberg says.
The story of Voice began in the nineties, when a new wave of Nordic minimalism emerged in Sweden in reaction to the overstated design of the eighties. This was the beginnings of what later became known as the Swedish design wonder. One of the new companies was Voice.

In the middle of the decade, Rolf Fransson, born and raised in furniture industry, decided to start producing furniture in a new way. Instead of making them from scratch, he took a cue from the automobile industry and bought components from other suppliers to assemble in his own factory. He joined forces with Anders Magnusson to form Voice. The first collection was presented in Copenhagen in 1997 to much acclaim.

Due to the fact that they didn’t have to follow any restrictions of their own manufacturing, they were able to constantly test new ideas. Rolf traveled around at fairs and found new fittings and varnishes that no one else in Sweden was using at the time. Voice quickly became known to be first with the latest. Another great advantage of working as they did was that they didn’t have to adapt to the cycles of the furniture industry, the buying seasons and industry fairs. Voice worked continuously.

"Good ideas don’t come when they are ordered to, they come when they come”.
The major success came with the Arctic storage series, a functional and understated design with new features like push-open fittings and high gloss lacquers.
”It’s simple, timeless furniture”, Rolf says. ”The Voice designs works everywhere because the form is so clean”.

Mattias Stenberg